George Woodhouse and the Public Service

Punamukwatijk / Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

As a gift to himself for his 28th birthday, George challenged himself to write “a-song-a-week” for one year. When he reached the finish line after posting his final "song-a-week" on social media, he struck up a band to celebrate and called it “The Public Service". They were only ever meant to play one show, but when a hundred and fifty people showed up to see the weekly songs performed live, “George Woodhouse and the Public Service” kept a good thing going. Their debut album, Songs For The Living (2022) is a collection of love letters disguised as folk songs for the people and places we leave behind, not always by choice, but sometimes. Woodhouse and his band have now brought their indie-folk act to some of Nova Scotia’s most treasured stages including The Shore Club, The Carleton, and The Marquee, and were selected to perform an official showcase for Nova Scotia Music Week 2022. Songs For The Living reached number 3 on !Earshot’s National Folk/Roots/Blues charts and has hit no. 1 on CFBX in Kamloops as well as CFUV in Victoria.

George believes that sharing your gifts with the world is a public service. “When we allow ourselves to create, we inspire, we heal, we connect.”  Whether he’s playing in a living room, at a bus stop, or on a festival stage, George’s music and lyrics will lift the spirits of those who hear it. 



 I believe that sharing your gifts with the world is a public service...
when we give ourselves permission to experience joy, we inspire, we heal, we connect.
- GW